How to Call Montserrat from Benin

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Esstential Info for Calling Montserrat from Benin

Exit Code:

The exit code for calling Montserrat from Benin is 00.

Country Code:

The country code for Montserrat is 1664.

Area Code:

The area code for Montserrat is 809.

Local Time:

The local time in Montserrat is now 10:17 PM.

Calling Montserrat from Benin using Landline

If you are calling someone in Montserrat, you need to dial the country code for Montserrat (+1) followed by the person’s phone number.

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Calling Montserrat from Benin using Mobile

– Before you make any calls, make sure you have a strong signal.
– If you have a limited or no signal, try to move to an area with better service.
– Make a list of important contacts and keep it with you at all times.
– When making a call, dial the full phone number including the area code.
– If you are making a local call, there is no need to dial the area code.
– To end a call, press the ‘End’ button on your phone.


Montserrat is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the Caribbean. The country code for Montserrat is +1-664. To call Montserrat from Benin, dial +1-664 followed by the telephone number.


What is the population of Montserrat?

The population of Montserrat is approximately 5,500.

What is the official language of Montserrat?

The official language of Montserrat is English.

What is the capital of Montserrat?

The capital of Montserrat is Plymouth.

What is the currency of Montserrat?

The currency of Montserrat is the East Caribbean dollar.

What is the climate of Montserrat?

The climate of Montserrat is tropical, with a dry season from December to May and a wet season from June to November.

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