How to Call Monaco from Senegal

To call Monaco from Senegal, you need to dial the following sequence of numbers: 00 + 377 + The Number You are Calling.

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Esstential Info for Calling Monaco from Senegal


Exit Code

The exit code indicates the code number of the country you are dialing from. For example, the exit code for the United States is “011.”

Country Code

The country code indicates the country you are dialing. For example, the country code for the United States is “1.”

Area Code

The area code indicates the specific area within the country you are dialing. For example, the area code for Monaco is “377.”

Local Time

The local time indicates the time difference between the country you are dialing from and the country you are dialing to.

Calling Monaco from Senegal using Landline

When calling Monaco from Senegal, it is important to have all the available information beforehand. This includes the country code, Monaco’s area code, and the desired phone number.

To make a call to Monaco, the first step is to dial Senegal’s country code of 221. Next, Monaco’s area code must be dialed. This is 377. Finally, the desired Monaco phone number must be dialed.

It is important to keep in mind that Monaco’s area code is different from its international dialing code. When dialing from Senegal to Monaco, the area code must be dialed first.

Some important things to keep in mind when calling Monaco are the time difference and the cost of the call. Monaco is six hours ahead of Senegal, and the cost of a call to Monaco from Senegal can be expensive.

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Calling Monaco from Senegal using Mobile

When travelling to a foreign country, it is important to be aware of the cell phone usage policies and rates of the country you are visiting. For example, in Monaco, it is required to purchase a Monaco SIM card in order to use your cell phone in the country. The rates for cell phone usage vary depending on the type of phone plan you have, so be sure to check with your service provider before you leave. Additionally, many countries have restrictions on the type of phone calls that can be made, and which numbers can be called. For example, in Monaco, you can only call landlines, and not cell phones.


When traveling to Monaco, there are a few things you need to know in order to make calls. The country code for Monaco is 377, and the code for Senegal is 221. To call Monaco from Senegal, dial 00377 followed by the Monaco phone number.


What is Monaco’s relationship with Senegal?

Monaco has a consulate in Dakar, Senegal.

What is Monaco’s GDP per capita?

This answer could not be found. However, Monaco’s GDP is about $172,000 per capita.

What is Monaco’s population?

Monaco’s population is about 36,000.

What is Monaco’s size?

Monaco is about 2 square kilometers.

What is Monaco’s climate?

Monaco has a Mediterranean climate.

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