How to Call Guinea Bissau from Australia

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Esstential Info for Calling Guinea Bissau from Australia

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Exit Code: 00
Country Code: 245
Area Code:
Local Time:

For Guinea Bissau, the Exit Code is 00. The Country Code is 245. The Area Code is not applicable. The Local Time is .

Calling Guinea Bissau from Australia using Landline

To call Guinea Bissau from Australia, you will need to dial the following sequence of numbers:

0011 – Country Code for Australia

245 – Area Code for Guinea Bissau

The area code for all of Guinea Bissau is 245. When dialing from Australia, you will need to dial the 0011 country code first, followed by the 245 area code.

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Calling Guinea Bissau from Australia using Mobile

-Check that you have an international roaming plan with your mobile service provider.
-If you do not have an international roaming plan, contact your mobile service provider to inquire about their rates.
-Turn off data roaming on your mobile phone.
-Turn on airplane mode.
-Open your web browser and connect to a website of your choice.
-Once you have finished browsing the internet, turn off airplane mode and turn off data roaming on your mobile phone.


There are a few options for how to call Guinea Bissau from Australia. The easiest way is to use a VoIP service, such as Skype. You can also use a calling card or prepaid SIM card.


What is the capital of Guinea Bissau?

The capital of Guinea Bissau is Bissau.

What is the currency of Guinea Bissau?

The currency of Guinea Bissau is the CFA franc.

What is the population of Guinea Bissau?

The population of Guinea-Bissau is 1,815,000.

What is the climate of Guinea Bissau?

Guinea Bissau has a tropical climate with a rainy season from June to November.

What is the religion of Guinea Bissau?

There is no official religion in Guinea Bissau. However, Islam is the most predominant religion, followed by Christianity.

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