How to Call Belize from Ukraine

To call Belize from Ukraine, you need to dial the international access code for Ukraine, which is +380, followed by the country code for Belize, which is +501, and then the phone number.

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Esstential Info for Calling Belize from Ukraine

Exit Code

Ukraine’s exit code is 00, while Belize’s exit code is 011.

Country Code

Ukraine’s country code is 380, while Belize’s country code is 501.

Area Code

Ukraine’s area code is not currently available, while Belize’s area code is 501.

Local Time

Ukraine’s local time is currently unavailable, while Belize’s local time is currently unavailable.

Calling Belize from Ukraine using Landline

To call from Ukraine to Belize, dial 00, then 501, then the phone number.

There is no need to dial the international access code when calling from Ukraine to Belize.

The country code for Belize is 501, and the phone number consists of seven digits.

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Calling Belize from Ukraine using Mobile

1. Check with your mobile phone service provider to see if they offer international roaming and what the rates are.
2. Purchase a local SIM card if you are going to be in Belize for an extended period of time. This will give you a local phone number and discounted rates for calling.
3. Download an app like Skype or WhatsApp that will allow you to make calls over the internet for free or at a discounted rate.
4. If you have friends or family in Belize, ask them to give you their phone number so you can call them directly.


To call Belize from Ukraine, the caller must first dial the International Exit Code for Ukraine, which is +380. Next, they must dial the country code for Belize, which is +501. After that, they must dial the phone number in Belize, starting with the area code.


What is the population of Belize?


What is the currency of Belize?

The currency of Belize is the Belizean dollar.

What is the capital of Belize?

Belize City

What is the climate of Belize?

The climate of Belize is tropical.

What is the history of Belize?

The Maya civilization began in Belize around 2600 BC. The first recorded visit by Europeans was in 1502 by Christopher Columbus. He claimed the area for Spain, but it was not colonized until the early 17th century. The British took control of the area in the early 18th century, but it was not formally annexed until 1862. The country gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1981.

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