How to Call Anguilla from Nigeria

Making a call from Nigeria to Anguilla is possible, but there are a few things you need to know before you make the call. You will need to use an international calling service to make the call, and you will need to dial the country code for Anguilla (1) before the phone number. The cost of the call will depend on the service you use, but it is typically more expensive than calling within Nigeria.

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Esstential Info for Calling Anguilla from Nigeria


Exit Code:

The exit code for Anguilla is “1”.

Country Code:

The country code for Nigeria is “234”.

Area Code:

The area code for Anguilla is “264”.

Local Time:

The local time for Anguilla is “AST” which is “UTC-4”.

Calling Anguilla from Nigeria using Landline

To call someone in Anguilla from Nigeria, you will need to dial the following sequence of numbers:

00 – 1 – 264 – local number.

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Calling Anguilla from Nigeria using Mobile

To call Nigeria from Anguilla, you will need to dial the international access code for Anguilla followed by Nigeria’s country code of 234 and the phone number you are trying to reach.


To call Anguilla from Nigeria, you first need to dial the international access code for Nigeria, which is +234. Next, dial the country code for Anguilla, which is +1. Finally, dial the phone number you want to reach in Anguilla.


What is the population of Anguilla?

The population of Anguilla is about 15,000 people.

What is the currency of Anguilla?

The currency of Anguilla is the East Caribbean dollar.

What is the capital of Anguilla?

The capital of Anguilla is The Valley.

What is the official language of Anguilla?

The official language of Anguilla is English.

What is the climate of Anguilla?

The climate of Anguilla is tropical, with a wet season from June to November.

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